Mission and Values


To engage undergraduate students in meaningful and rigorous research experiences, develop undergraduate research skills, and connect undergraduates to faculty-driven or independent research opportunities.


To encourage agency and self-authorship in undergraduate students, and encourage faculty to involve undergraduates in their research projects.


  • Undergraduate research is a high-impact practice that leads to positive student outcomes and involvement in the university
  • Undergraduates involved in research show greater persistence, academic and professional ambition, and stronger self-efficacy
  • Involvement in research on campus encourages agency as a worthwhile participant in the academic discourse of their field
  • Including underrepresented and non-traditional students in research leads to strong positive outcomes for both faculty and student
  • Involvement in research on campus fulfills the institutional integrity of an elite, research university
  • While consulting with faculty on research produces positive learning outcomes, student-led research produces the most self-confidence and critical thinking skills
  • Conducting research with and within the community through public scholarship increases the depth and intersectionality of a research project

Definition of Research

The Office of Undergraduate Research defines research as research, scholarly, or creative activities that lead to the production of original work (Stocks, J. Ramey, J. & Lazarus, B. 2003), either including or independent of faculty guidance.