On-Campus Research Facilities

As a Tulane student, you have access to facilities and equipment both within your department and at other locations within the University. Preview some of our on-campus facilities below and learn more about how you can tailor these resources to your individual project needs.

Howard-Tilton Memorial Library

Find what you need with Howard-Tilton Memorial Library’s help. Request personalized assistance with a one-on-one research appointment,  use research guides crafted by subject librarians, or scour the stacks and Special Collection.

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Center for Engaged Learning & Teaching

CELT is dedicated to enhancing the student experience at Tulane not only through engaged teaching techniques, but also through the creation of small intellectual communities. These communities bring faculty and students together outside of the classroom, providing support for continued, individual learning. CELT provides funding opportunities, events and publications to display student research, and guides for conducting research.

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Tulane University’s Centers and Institutes

Tulane’s research institutions are committed to exploring, discovering, and sharing their findings, to help make a better world. Filter through a list of all other associated facilities that have ben grouped by subject matter..

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Tulane University Journal Publishing

Tulane University Journal Publishing is an open access, peer-reviewed journal publishing service which provides a web-based platform for scholarly and academic publishing for the Tulane community.

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