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The ASPIRE Research Buddy Program

A new initiative funded by a generous gift to Newcomb-Tulane College from Tomi Prvulovic with the intention to enhance undergraduate research, the ASPIRE Research Buddy Program will provide you with the research experience you need before medical school. If selected, you will be paired with members of Tulane’s Medical School ASPIRE Program for mentor–mentee learning experience. Upon completing the program, you will develop an abstract and poster presentation on the research you conducted.

The Value in Participating

Beyond starting a research career early as an undergraduate student, additional benefits include:

  • Training in proper research techniques and laboratory etiquette from actual medical student.
  • Firsthand lab experience and an awarded certificate of completion you can add to your resume and discuss in a medical school interview.
  • Free on-campus boarding and dining plan during this eight-week-program.
  • Regular check-ins with assigned faculty advisors for additional support and guidance.
  • Accreditation as a second or third-author on a Tulane Medical School research paper.

Requirements and Eligibility

  • You must submit a cover letter and a faculty recommendation (emailed to ntcgrants@tulane.edu) with your application. Applications will undergo a two-part approval process between Newcomb-Tulane College and the Tulane Medical School before final acceptances are delivered.
  • You must be an undergraduate student in good academic standing and conduct.

Summer 2021

Application Timeline

  • Thursday, February 25: Application opens
  • Friday, March 19: Deadline for submissions

Program Timeline

  • Wednesday, April 28, 5:00PM (alternate: Thursday, April 29, 12:00PM): First NTC cohort meeting
  • Monday, June 7th: ASPIRE Buddy Program begins
  • Friday, June 25th, 12:00PM: Second NTC cohort meeting
  • Monday, July 5th: Holiday, no classes
  • Friday, July 23rd, 12:00PM: Third NTC cohort meeting
  • Friday, July 23rd: ASPIRE Buddy Program concludes
  • Friday, August 6th, 12:00PM: Final NTC cohort meeting